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Sculpt your own body with your own child. Get fit, healthy and lose weight while sharing love, passion and bonding with your baby.

The ‘Smiling Sling’ is a uniquely designed sling for infants. Exercise and physical activity is an important concept in achieving great health, positivity, building relationships and an overall good body and figure. New mothers like to train and get fit after having a child. Being a mum is a huge challenge and being a genuinely happy, composed mother is not easy either. Getting fit is extremely beneficial to keeping healthy and happy during major changes undergone by new mothers (fathers, caregivers) and their families.

Read what a leading Sydney gynecologist has to say about the Smiling Sling!

What a fabulous innovation!

The fitness and wellbeing of new mothers is paramount for their future health and the emotional and physical development of their babies.

The benefits for the mother are long reaching; encouraging engagement in outdoor activity and socialisation in group workouts. No longer are mothers groups confined to coffee and cake, but can embrace improvements in mental health, early weight management, building lean muscle, core strength and improvements in bone density.

Smiling SlingPregnancy can be a significant physical strain on the mother’s health with reduction in exercise, changes in routine, softening and loss of muscle and tendon tone, and depletion in bone mineralisation. Early, safe resumption of exercise is hugely beneficial to prevent onset of chronic disease and depression. The sling promotes gradual increase in strength as the baby gains weight.

Early motherhood and exercise are usually difficult to coordinate due to unpredictability of a young baby’s routine, expense and organisation of reliable childcare, and is often avoided because of the anxieties and feelings of guilt that mothers often feel about leaving a baby with someone else. Smiling Sling means that exercise can be far more accessible and likely.

The baby enjoys the closeness and interaction with the mother as well as the movements of the
exercises. The sling is designed to allow plenty of space and ventilation for the baby to breath and move its head freely, so that the recent fears of suffocation are minimised.

Not only does the smiling sling provide huge opportunities for improvement in maternal health but also ensures safety and comfort for the baby in this stylish, and well made exercise sling which is made in soft, washable and hardwearing fabrics.

- Dr Catherine Anne Insley
Medical Director of Gynaecare MBBS, FRACGP, MPH, MFFP



Spending time with your baby is precious. Being both physically and mentally healthy for Summer is an achievable goal, especially with this offer you just can not refuse!

Smiling Sling is offering group sessions at Centennial Park. You will receive a free Smiling Sling if you book 10 sessions.

Classes are suitable for parents with baby's from new born up to 18 moths old.



Smiling Sling User Guide

Benefits of the Smiling Sling:

  • The prevention of ‘Post-Natal Depression’
  • Quality nurturing and intimate moments between the child and his/her father or mother.
  • Weight loss, toning and strengthening
  • Development and refinement of balance and coordination
  • Use for everyday activities

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What People Are Saying:

"I love the smiling sling because it allows me to exercise post pregnancy in the comfort of my own home whilst the baby is safe and close to my chest. This also gave me a closer bond with my baby through physical interaction."

"After having a C-section, there was a longer recovery period before I was all cleared to begin exercising. The Smiling Sling allowed me to slowly build my functional stability and core strength which assisted in a speedy recovery."

"Exercise lowers stress levels and we all know how stressful a newborn baby can be when we are low on sleep. The Smiling Sling encouraged me to get outdoors into the fresh air to exercise and at the same time released happy endorphins which boosted my energy levels." –Tamika O'Niell

As a working mom, time is very precious, both time to myself and time with the baby. The Smiling Sling is a great way to work out and to spend time with my baby at the same time. We have loads of fun together!"
- Nadine Schacke


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